the box that built

the brand

a letter from our founder

This last year has been an amazing journey. My goal when starting this brand was to figure out a way to make eating healthy as simple and achievable as possible, while still being totally delicious and exciting. What started out as a small summer project blossomed into a full-fledged meal kit business, and this amazing brand built as a result. The amount of feedback we got was overwhelming. The most exciting part of it all was getting to influence people’s lives for the better, while still being able to do what I love. 

 After listening to our customers and their feedback on the boxes, we quickly realized that dinner is something that is deeply personal. You might love our coffee rubbed steak, but not love the sweet potato mash we paired it with. Or love a good fattoush salad, but would prefer if it were paired with fish as opposed to chicken. And so, we’ve been working really hard here in the Coco Kitchen to try and solve every eater and home cook's challenges. 

 Our brand has undergone a makeover to become an even better solution to cooking and eating healthy as before. Bringing you products that will capture all of the positive aspects you loved about the meal kit box, and getting rid of any negatives, like the sweet potato mash that was just not your thing. We’ve been working tirelessly on this idea of answering everyone's questions in the kitchen. And we think our latest products and new site will spark creativity and excitement, taking cooking dinner from a chore to a hobby. 

Our new products highlight those certain aspects that you, personally, loved about the box. For the people that saved their extra dressings for their weekly salads, our dressings and marinades are your thing. For those of you who wished there was more coffee rubbed steak on your plate, our pre-spiced proteins. And for those who could eat coffee rub by the spoonful, our spice blends. 

 With your feedback on our box we were able to really learn who our customers were.  So, let’s give it up for box that built this awesome brand. 

Let's eat.

still box hungry?

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